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Electric Flight: A Rewrite
Tera quietly rolled out of her father's hangar, yawning and trying to look awake. It was around eleven, so everyone else was already up and about. Everyone else also knew that she was the only plane on base that slept in, but it didn't matter to her. She didn't want to look like it. The sun felt nice, though, and it was making her even more sleepy than before.
Looking around, she found that there wasn't really anyone… except Tony, who was working on someone in the repair ward. It was a Hellcat she'd seen around occasionally, but never spoken to. It didn't seem like he wanted to be. She didn't care much. Everyone she talked to seemed to be set on getting her to join the military anyways.
Especially Tony. He'd brought it up a few weeks after the Jolly Wrenches, or so they apparently became known as, left the base. No more F-18s, he said. Just Air Force. Specifically stealth planes. Nighthawks. She could do the same things as them, he told her.
But s
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New World, New Friends (Chapter 1?)
Six o'clock in the morning. Again. Makayla groaned as her alarm clock pulled her out of sleep, annoyed that it had ended an amazing dream - she was in Radiator Springs, talking and laughing with Lightning, her all-time favorite character of Cars. She wished more than anything that Cars could've been real… maybe she could actually be friends with him instead of just fantasizing.
Shrugging the thought off as she threw on her school clothes, she trudged down the stairs to grab breakfast before catching the bus to school - she didn't attend just any school, though. It was a gifted school that specialized in mechanical engineering. Of course, it was yet another reason she loved the concept of living, breathing vehicles. The idea fascinated her to no end… but alas, they were only fictional.
She made her way to the kitchen table, finding that her mother had already made her two
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COLLAB || You Can't Hide What Lies Inside You :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 5 7 Broken :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 11 17
Profile Meme: Eliza
So I have a new 'sona I've been working on for a while... figured since I do so much in the CarsVerse I might as well have a character to match, even if she's not 100% me. Will add to this as I develop her. Being in the Mechanical Tyranny universe (TealDragonsUnite), there will be some weird things here and there.
UPDATE: ...due to the development of some new elements of the MT universe, this character is changing quite a bit from what she originally was. Pun totally intended.
General Information
Original Name: Ironfrost (She was forced to take a different name)
First Name: Eliza
Middle Name: Allison
Surname: Radovsky
Nicknames: Tech Support (used in jest)
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown
Species: Cybertronian
Birthday: Unknown -- assigned 'birthday' is September 15
Age: Mental age is somewhere in her late 20's, otherwise unknown.
Star Sign: Virgo
Sexual Orientatio
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Character Sheet: Tera


I deleted quite a few questions because they don't apply. If you want the original, go to the account at the bottom of this meme. Any mentioned characters that are not mine are FizzGryphon's. 
Verse: Cars/Planes -- Mechanical Tyranny
Date: September 2, 2016
Full Name: Teresa Catherine Wingston
Pronunciation: you would expect.
Nickname/Alias: Tera
Meaning: Teresa = Summer; Tera (specific spelling -- it's Latin) = Monster
Origin: It's pure irony on the Writer's part. She has no idea what her name or her nickname mean.
Pet Name: Missy (Omega), Spitfire (the Curator)
ID Number: 2733
Signature: Messy
Gender: Neutral, identifies as female
Gender Role: Acts more masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 27
Age Appearance: She looks her age, but acts much younger
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What Makes Your OC Tick Meme: Felix
***BEFORE YOU READ: This is a character that exists almost exclusively in the Mechanical Tyranny universe, found through TealDragonsUnite. Needless to say, there will be spoilers for the story, not to mention it will probably be confusing for anyone that is not familiar with the universe's workings.
You've been warned.
Section 1: The Basics
1a. What is your character's full name?
Felix Coltraine Shiftwell
1b. Was it their parents that named them that? If not, who? 
First and middle names were from his parents, his last name was changed when he was converted to a vehicular body.
1c.Is there a special meaning behind the name?
Not especially.
Felix means 'lucky' and Coltraine means 'young horse' or 'frisky.'

2a. How old are they now? 
He keeps track, but prefers not to think about it. His mental age is somewhere in his 30's most of the time, though he does have a childish side that'll show itself occasionally.

2b. When were they born?
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Dorky Cricket :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 5 0 It's Called Cosplay (Tablet Drawing #3) :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 8 4 Crim (Tablet Drawing #2) :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 10 0 YOU GUYS (Tablet Drawing #1) :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 3 4 DA's 16th Birthday (Re-Upload) :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 3 2 Mamei-Springs | Cricket :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 3 2 Happy (super late) Birthday, FizzGryphon! :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 1 4 P-40 Warhawk :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 3 0 Just a Rat :iconindustrialrev3010:IndustrialRev3010 0 0


The Last thing You'll Ever See | HoW 2
The arena was still new to the bird.  He wasn’t used to the noise of the crowds or the confines of the gates, and it put him at unease.  The memory of his former arena experience haunted him.  After he had so easily nabbed the prey he’d been sent to fetch, the female Tyto that had attacked him took chase.  There was a battle, and the already battered Soundwave was left with feathers soaked in his own blood.  The physical wounds had already begun to heal, but still he struggled to grapple with the event.  He’d been foolish, and if not for the Masters breaking up the fight, he could have been killed.
Large metal gates hemmed him in from all sides - up, down, side to side.  They formed a cage that the nox Tyto couldn’t hope to break free from.  His heart hammered against his ribcage when he heard the pistol fire.  The doors of the cage lifted, and the light from the arena made him squint against it.  Something stabb
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Crimson Flare | Speedpaint | Gift :iconfizzgryphon:FizzGryphon 26 2 The time of future :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 2,602 187 Imperialism :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 4,505 350 Nap Time :iconthediscorded:thediscorded 321 44 Descent :iconelowo:elowo 139 13 Loyalty :iconasimos:Asimos 576 59
Heart of Winter - Entry 1 - Sihanlei and Soundwave
    Soundwave took a breath.  His cruel master had let him loose in a tight enclosed space.  It wasn’t exactly what he’d imagined a hunt to be like… he was boxed in on all sides by metal, without any idea as to what was happening.  His head could just barely peer over the top of the door keeping him in this tiny holding cell.  The Tyto wished for Meg to return, and he could go back.  There was a shouting crowd watching him, he could hear them.
    Then, the gate in front of him opened with the sound of a firing pistol.  Soundwave jumped out of the box, the nox Tyto immediately taking in every detail of his surroundings.  He was still fenced in, although now at least he could fly.  He stretched his wings, but heard the scolding voice of his master and stopped.  He commanded him to hunt from some unseen area.  The bird was confused.  He had to fly to hunt… but then he sp
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My Little Ponybots :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 4,531 1,055 Cars Family :iconshadowtoyotacelica:ShadowToyotaCelica 28 20 No Hate Like Self-Hate :iconamberchrome:amberchrome 32 4 You Can't Hide What Lies Inside You :iconfizzgryphon:FizzGryphon 11 6 CUPCAKES Pg1 :iconelskafox:ElskaFox 18 10 Overload (Zootopia Fanart) 5 :iconneytirix:Neytirix 1,173 184 Stupid Crew -_- :icontealdragonsunite:TealDragonsUnite 6 0 You'll Never Forget me Now :iconfizzgryphon:FizzGryphon 9 3




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(My FanFiction has a LOT of stories that need to be revised... so just beware.)


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